Do you Accept?

I, The Writer, do hereby challenge you to read this novel. For a world of myth and magic awaits, and a world where danger lurks around every corner, not leaving out romance of course.Hopefully I will stay motivated enough to actually keep writing this, however in the event that you notice that either, I haven’t been posting or I ‘m lying twitching in a corner. COMMENT. You know, give me a heads up to say “Hey! this is pretty good!, or Hey, You suck I’m going to bed!” Either one will do. OH and most of you will be Simmers, seeing as I’m quite involved in that community. Just letting you know, I  don’t own Sims 3 so this can’t be a legacy but, I promise it will not be boring! PROMISE!!!! So, what do you say? Do you accept my challenge? If your still not sure, here have a squirrel *gives squirrel with slight mental issues to reader*. If you are sure, then take a step into the world of magic and danger and select the first chapter in the Table of Contents, or that thingy at the side of the screen, the dooblidoo. I wish you luck on your journey.


The Writer

p.s. I also have a live journal it’s


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