Chapter 1.1- Homecoming

This is part one of chapter one of the new book I’m writing. Enjoy!


The Writer

The Dragons Ragged Flame

Chapter 1


She sighed and ran a hand through her thick blonde hair that hung to her waist. She seemed to be sighing a lot these days, but then, she had a lot to sigh about. The Brotherhood had been constantly on her back since she began her career but now they practically lived in her footsteps, always watching and always right behind her.

Of course she understood why they were so anxious, she was a star, an A-lister, and she lived in a spotlight. She reminded herself again, that The Brotherhood was only trying to protect her. Kaida is not what humans would call normal, but unless you were privy to her secret, it remained a well kept one, the only give away being her long pointy ears, which she kept hidden behind a waterfall of hair.

Kaida sat back against the cushiony seat of the limousine. She folded her arms and glared at her agent, Cleo Atkins.

“No, I will not do it. Commercials are for wanna be’s and has beens.” she said, knowing that, although it was harsh, it was true. Cleo meant well but Kaida had standards.

“ Kaida, come on, they are not just for wanna be’s and has beens. They boost your image.” said Cleo, lying through her teeth. Yeah, but in what direction? Thought Kaida bitterly, but before she could voice her opinions, the limousine came to a halt and the screams of thousands of fans could be heard through the metal doors. Her driver stepped out and opened the door for Kaida as she stepped out onto the red carpet, temporarily blinded by the flashbulbs bombarding her and Cleo. Flashing a smile, the young girl glided over to the fans screaming her name and holding out paper for her to sign. She smoothed her sky blue ball gown style dress and continued the walk down the carpet. Finally she reached the end and checked her name off of the guest list, followed closely by Cleo, before entering the large auditorium.

The Jewel was one of the largest arenas in the world and the seating stretched out before Kaida as she made her way to the V.I.P. seating in the center. Before she could reach her seat she felt a tug at her elbow and turned to see a handsome man with  chocolate brown eyes standing there. He smiled warmly and introduced him self as Brett Mulligan, one of the agents with CandyVoice Studios, Kaida’s record label.

“ Hi, i’ve heard, read and been told so much about you Kaida, but then again who hasn’t?” he joked shaking her hand.

“Oh, I’m nothing special really…” she said blushing at the compliment.

“I think you are, I mean look at how much you have accomplished at just eighteen!” he said nodding enthusiastically. Kaida rolled her eyes-discreetly-but still rolled them. Then she smiled as Brett offered her his arm and walked her back to her seat. Kaida sighed as she plopped down on the seat next to Cleo. The agent poked her and eyed her curiously.

“Omigod! How did you get Brett to talk to you? He only ever talks to his clients.” the woman wanted to know. Kaida snorted.

“ Really? Well, he talked to me, tried to be funny, and failed.” she said flashing her friend a smile. However something was troubling her, and Cleo could tell.

“What’s wrong? Did he say something?” she asked showing concern, but the girl just shook her head and folded her slender hands together in her lap. Somethingwas bothering her, about his eyes, she felt she had seen them before, she shook her head again trying to clear her mind. Just then the lights dimmed and the MC came on stage.  Kaida sat through about an hour of the awards and then stood up dropping a note in Cleo’s lap who didn’t look pleased but stayed sitting. As Kaida walked through the lobby she was stopped by none other than-Brett Mulligan. The man smiled again when he saw her and walked over to join her. Kaida smiled politely but tried to hurry out to her car.

“Hey wait up! Let me escort you to where ever you’re going.” he called, making a grab for her hand. She turned and sighed, ready to deny the offer, but then she glanced right into to his eyes and before she knew it they were seated in her limousine and on her way to her apartment. Kaida crossed her arms and tried to ignore him, though she couldn’t help but steal glances from time to time. Slowly, but surely the car maneuvered its way through the crowded streets of New York City.

The vehicle came to a stop in front of a large building and her chauffeur opened the door and let them out. Brett began walking towards the grand apartment building when he saw that Kaida wasn’t following and had walked off down the street.

Puzzled, he followed her to a smaller, much less grand, almost dingy, building and stopped. She stood there for a few minutes and then turned to him, sighing.

“If you think you’re coming inside, you’re dead wrong. And if you tell anyone where i live your dead, it took me forever to set this up in privacy.” she said gritting her teeth. With that she opened the door and disappeared inside, leaving Brett out in the humid August night.

Unlocking the door to her small but functional apartment, Kaida kicked off her heels and sat down heavily on the couch. The small clock in the kitchen read 11:24, and her canary, Alvinius, fluttered impatiently in his cage. The Elf got up and filled his water bowl, and then made her way down the hall to change. When she was finally seated comfortably on the couch in her pajama’s she decided to watch a movie while she fell asleep. She decided on the new movie Liars of Men,about a great war between The Mythicals. The movie had been playing for about fifteen minutes when she heard a tapping at the window. Kaida got up quickly and went over to the sound and opened the window to the Sylph waiting there, it’s body, that of a young girl, outlined in shimmering light. Sylphs are Air Elementals. These creatures are often used to carry messages between The Mythicals, in exchange for the freedom given to them by The Mythicals.

Kaida whispered the spell that separated the message from the Sylph, causing the wax seal to appear in her hand, and then released the spirit into the night. The wax seal was the other carrier of the message and Kaida whispered another spell that caused it to take on the shape of parchment, and soon words began to appear.

It was an old fashioned and tedious way of communication, but some of the more modern methods had proved dangerous to The Mythicals. Kaida waited as the message appeared on the crinkled page. When the messaged had been fully developed, she picked it up and began to read:

My Little Dragon,

Im afraid that there have been many troubles in the Realm. Uncle Ambrose is having trouble with Goblins, and an entire forest was leveled, taking the lives of many Wood Nymphs. I am so proud of your recent accomplishments and I love you dearly, however I need to ask you to come home, to the palace. Just for a little while, to discuss some private matters to grave for written communication. As your uncle is king, he says he orders you to return for a bit, so you can’t refuse. I will be anxiously awaiting your arrival, Little Dragon.



Kaida smiled at the use of the pet name. Kaida means Little Dragon in Japanese, and her strongest magic happened to be Fire magic. She sighed and put down the paper. An order from the king was still an order and she must obey it. No exceptions would be made, not eve for the kings niece. So, Kaida got up stiffly and packed a small cloth bag with essentials, well, Elf essentials, and called Cleo.

“Hey Cleo? Yeah, it’s Kaida,” the Elf walked with the phone held against her shoulder and rooted the fridge for the food getting ready to expire, “Okay, so my dad just sent word that I’m needed at home for  a bit, so I’m gonna be gone. Can you make sure to cover my tracks and keep it on the down low?” she asked, tossing out some old cottage cheese. Cleo was a trusted friend of The Council and Kaida, no matter how obnoxious. She knew she could trust Cleo with her life, and often times did.

She heard the woman on the other end sigh.

“Where did you go? people were looking forward to your performance at the after party!” said Cleo, annoyance edging her voice.

“Oh, um, I had a bit of a headache is all…” she said lying. Cleo could tell she was lying but obviously let it slide saying:

“Of course I’ll hold down the fort, but if you aren’t back in a week I’m coming after you.” she said and abruptly hung up the phone. Kaida didn’t blame her, Cleo was part Vampire and only ate at night, using a blood substitute of course, but she got cranky when she didn’t eat.

Kaida walked back into her living room, and took out Alvinius from his cage, and placed him in front of the open window. Next she said a spell and passed her hand over him, transforming in to his true form: a Griffin, With the head of an eagle and the body of a lion. Alvinius had been a present for her four hundredth birthday, and the two were quite close.It wasn’t uncommon for Elves to have special bonds with animals, but rarely did they have thought connections.

Hello child, it has been many moons since I saw my true self. said Alvinius, nudging her hand. Kaida smiled and patted the creatures head.

Yes I know, i haven’t exactly had time for you. Anyway, I have received orders from uncle, to return to The Realm, are you up for a bit of night flying? She asked. The Griffin growled it’s reply and lowered itself for her to climb on.  She hurriedly tied on the cloth bag and gracefully mounted the beast. Finally Kaida was ready to go and after a gentle nudge, the Griffin leapt out of the window, and with a few powerful strokes of his wings, were soon soaring high into the air.

After a few hours of flying they found themselves passing over a large forest. Kaida asked the Griffin to land here. Once her feet were on the ground again, Kaida walked over to two large oak trees. Golden vines climbed the trunks and words in the Elvish language were engraved into the bark. She waved her hand and all of a sudden the trees began to crawl and shift and eventually switched positions. Now where there used to be forest floor stretching between them, there lay a road, leading into a small village. Taking out a magical rope, she attached Gollum to her wrist and began to walk. As she came to the first few houses, a woman came out to greet her.

She was dressed in a leafy green robe, that flowed around her legs.It’s was a light airy material, that’s seemed to mold to her body, like an extra skin. Little threads of silver, seemed to give the dress sparkles, and it glimmered under the sun. Kaida knew from one glance that it was Elfin Silk,one of the rarest materials to make, but it lasted for centuries and it’s beauty was unequaled. Waving her hand, a water goblet appeared and the woman offered it to Kaida, who gratefully took it and drank. She wiped her mouth and handed the cup back to the woman, who smiled and made the cup disappear once more.

“My dear, you look rather tired, would you care for some food?” she asked kindly, observing Kaida’s rumpled pajamas and wind blown hair.

“Oh no thank you, I have food of my own, although I was wondering if you could perhaps tell me if there is a shorter way to the castle than the road?” she asked hoping to save some time. The woman frowned and shook her head.

“ I’m afraid this is the only way, though your Griffin will get you there fast enough. However, I’m afraid that bad things have been happening in the city. Even the Murdock family has left for the countryside, though why no one knows. Anyway I wish you luck on your journey, and may you Sword be ever sharp, and the wind ever in your sails.” said the woman, reciting the old Elven parting words. Kaida nodded and bid the woman goodbye, continuing along the road towards the center of the small village.


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  1. Cleo
    Aug 08, 2011 @ 16:57:00

    Thanks for writing this! Hi, my name is Cleo (though I didn’t just steal that from Kaida’s agent), and I found your blog on Newoangel’s blog. I also write stories, but I’ve never published them on wordpress before because I thought people wouldn’t be interested. Well, I enjoyed this and I hope you write more chapters!

    P.s. If you click my username it will take you to my Sims 3 blog.


    • ksaishivlrista
      Aug 08, 2011 @ 21:14:58

      OMG thank you for the comment!!!! People never take the time to comment so thankies!!!!!! Just read your legacy, and it made me lol 😛 Anyway thanks and I will definitely be keep up with posting!


  2. Bex
    Aug 13, 2011 @ 19:34:28

    Woah this is really good! You’re an amazing writer, keep it up 😀 x


  3. Purpleia3
    Aug 18, 2011 @ 17:15:41

    Love the first chapter, I carn’t wait to read on!


  4. ne0cats
    Oct 07, 2011 @ 02:43:47

    Hey there! I’m another person who came from newangels blog to check out your story because I love fantasy. I’m not a huge fan of the vampire thing but your descriptions are fantastic! I hope you keep updating!


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