Chapter 1.2-Home For Good

Kaida came to a well, and beckoned one of the Water Nymphs there to give water to Alvinius. Sitting down on the Well’s stone wall, Kaida furrowed her brow.

Why would a such respected and wealthy family as the Murdock’s leave the city? Surely nothing to extreme has been going on?  She was brought back into the real world when Alvinius nudged her with his beak. Smiling Kaida got up and removed the magical tie, then climbed back on his back. Kicking up dust as they rose from the ground Kaida noticed a strange blue man sneaking of into the woods away from the crowd gathered around to watch. Although she quickly dismissed it as unimportant and whispered to Alvinius to go faster. The trees blurred beneath her and the wind whipped her hair around, watering her eyes as they flew. At one point they veered of the road and landed in a small clearing in the forest. Settling back against a tree the Griffin covered his head with his wings and fell into a light sleep. Kaida wandered off a little ways, and sat down by the roots of and enormous elm tree to eat. she pulled out the little food she had brought and quickly filled her stomach. As she leaned back against the tree she felt a slight tugging at her hair. She whipped around, but saw nothing. There it was again! Reaching around she grabbed the ends of her hair. Bringing the edges into her lap, she discovered a tiny Pixie playfully tugging her hair. She smiled and scooped the tiny, human like being into her palm, and brought it close to her face. The small figure had short boyish hair, but a feminine shape. Her frame was covered in a dress sewn from maple leaves and her tiny amber eyes darted across Kaida’s face, filled with mischief. The Pixie smiled, creating creases by her eyes, and then proceeded to bite down on her thumb. More out of surprise than pain, Kaida dropped the tiny devil and left her sitting dazed on the grass. She turned on her heel and summoned Alvinius in her thoughts.

Alvinius, we need to get moving or we won’t make it in time. The creature lifted it head and blinked sleepily. My dear, we will make it in time. Just a few more hours? Kaida stood back and placed her hands on her hips. Nope, now Alvinius. She told him, shaking her head. The Griffin stood up and stretched out his golden wings.

Kaida climbed atop the beast and once again they were soaring high above the world and were on their way to Kaida’s childhood home, The Opal Palace. They traveled for another hour or so before a glorious palace rose up from behind a hill. Soon  they touched  down in front of a massive gate that blocked the entrance. Two guards stood on either side of the heavy iron gates. Their uniform was a simple brown and green suit with the Elven crest, a sword, stitched on the arm. One of the guards saluted and came over to take Gollum from her. The other guard bowed.

“My lady, your father awaits you in his chambers, though perhaps you would like to change and refresh yourself? We will take care of your, er, Griffin.” He said. Kaida nodded and smiled.

“Thank you Ailward, I think I just need to change clothes, and get a snack.” she replied, smiling at the other guard, who was leading Alvinius to the part of the castle used for animal housing. Ailward was a childhood friend of Kaida’s who’s father had a been the gate guard before Ailward followed. However, she would have to wait until his post was over before she could properly say hello to him.

Once the heavy gates were swung open, Kaida made her way up the long winding road, with trees on either side, to the great oak door, that had stood for nearly a thousand years.

Before Kaida could ring the wooden wind chimes, the door was blown open and a wrinkled old elf stood in the open door, his pointed ears drooping a little with age.

“Princess!” He said, obviously startled, but pleased to see her. Oh screw protocol! Thought Kaida as she threw her arms around the old Elf’s neck and planted a kiss on his weather cheek.

“Caldwell! Oh it’s so good to see you! How is your wife?” She asked knowing of her failing health. Caldwell slumped his shoulders.

“Im afraid not very well, Galena says that it won’t be long before her wings grow.: he said his face conveying deep sadness. Kaida felt truly sorry.

When Elves grow old or become sick, they grow a pair of wings that carries them into the sky, though no elf knows for sure what becomes of an elf after that. The process is quite a beautiful thing to watch, because it can only happen on a full moon at midnight. Because of this, every city, town, and village, had a temple of Agrona, the Celtic Goddess of war and death. It was here that those destined for death were brought.

“Well, I do hope she get’s better, but in the case she doesn’t, by all means take a much time to be with her as you need.” She told the old butler, giving him a pat on the shoulder. Caldwell smiled and led her through into a large foyer, with vaulted ceilings , and a gemstone chandelier. There was also a great staircase that led in a spiral manner up the center of the castle. He snapped his fingers and two of the many Hobs employed at the palace appeared to take her to her room.

The Hobs had always unnerved Kaida,mainly because of their lack of clothes, and the way their scraggly matted hair hung over their bare skin, wrinkled and grimy, and their long claw-like nails. However, they were excellent nurses, possessing strong healing magic and love of children, and Kaida had been especially close to her childhood nurse Chalice, who had died not long after she left home. They had finally reached her old chambers and the Hobs left her alone in her room, with a small tray of food and a slight bow.

Kaida spent a half hour of so unpacking and filling her stomach with food, then headed off in search of her parents, anticipating seeing them after such a long time.

It was fairly late and the moon had risen in a little half circle, shining brightly through the large windows lining the hallways.She had changed into a spider silk nightgown,and a robe the perfect shade of slivery blue, causing her to glow in the moonlight. Kaida shuffled quietly through the large palace, trying to redraw her mental map.

As she neared the Library, Kaida heard, what sounded like angry voices. She stopped and listened, her ear pressed against the door. Then she heard the angry voices of her father, Rai, and her uncle, the current king Ambrose.

“Rai, it is only a matter of time befor-”

“No! I will not send my daughter into something she is not ready for.” Kaida her her fathers voice cut in over her uncle’s.

“Brother, I love Kaida as if she were my own daughter, but she posses the most talent for this mission.Her siblings aren’t half as confident in themselves as she is. We need someone unfaltering. If she doesn’t do this, innocent lives will be placed in danger. The Brotherhood has been infiltrated and it is only a matter of time before war breaks out. We need to find out who is behind this. Surely you must understand?” There was a pause, during which Kaida shifter her weight against the door. To her surprise- and horror- the door swung open, and there stood Kaida, caught in the act!



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  1. Cleo
    Aug 08, 2011 @ 22:02:17

    Oh boy. That’s something to worry about at night! Up in paragraph 4 in one of the last sentences, it mentions Gollum. Who/what is that? I’ve only ever heard of Gollum as in Lord of the Rings.


    • ksaishivlrista
      Aug 08, 2011 @ 22:44:48

      Ahhhhhh i’m sorry!!!! it used to be the griffins name but after seeing the Lord Of The Rings i felt like i was stealing so i changed it….guess i missed that one…SORRY!!!!!!!!! It’s this drunken leprechaun running my brain-never makes his AA meetings….Anyhow thanks for the heads up ;3


      • Newoangel
        Aug 10, 2011 @ 00:06:10

        Ha, looks like i’m not the only one messing up names here! So no bagging on me for mixing Daniel with Eric. The both have blonde hair okay!

  2. Cleo
    Aug 14, 2011 @ 21:27:43

    LOL. You guys have so much in common. It must be fun being besties! And yeah, I’ve seen movies where the character’s names are the same in a story, and I immediately go back and change it. X3


  3. Beckey
    Aug 19, 2011 @ 10:39:38

    Intriguing 😛 x


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