Chapter 2.1-Catching Up

Here you go!!!!!

“Kaida.” Her uncle was the first to speak. Her father stood deciding between anger or delight. After a few seconds of silence he choose delight.

“Kaida, my little dragon!” he cried, holding out his arms. Kaida smiled and ran to her father, looping her arms around his neck and kissing his cheek. She breathed in the familiar scent of earth and wood, and held him tighter.

“Father I’ve missed you so much!” she said after a moment. Her uncle then cleared his voice behind them and Kaida turned, a smile softening her angular features. She gave her uncle a hug as well, before stepping back, trying to find some small change in them. Thankfully, they were just as she had left them. Her uncle looked nervously from her to her father and then back to her. A frown drawing his dark brows together.

“Kaida, go find your mother she is still waiting up for your arrival.” he said finally, gesturing to the door. Kaida wanted to know what they were talking about earlier, but from the look on her father’s face she knew that she would soon be told.

“Yes, of course uncle, goodnight.” She said going over and kissing both of them again.

“We shall talk more in the morning my dear, though for now you must rest.” said her father, as he tucked a stray strand of blonde hair behind her long ears.

As the door closed behind her, she made her way to the balcony at the end of the south wing. The place she suspected to find her mother. As she neared the glass windows she saw her mother, the most beautiful creature in all of The Realm. She sat on a chair in the direct moonlight, her raven black hair fell in tight curls, framing her face.

She pushed open the glass door, and the cool twilight breeze, caressed her skin, tickling, teasing, drawing her out to the balcony. Her mother turned and her piercing green eyes lit up as she saw her daughter. She rose from her chair and pulled Kaida in to a long embrace. She finally kissed her forehead and pulled away, beckoning Kaida to sit with her. Her green dress fanned out around her and looked absolutely perfect against her exotic olive skin tone.

“ Oh Kaida, I’ve missed you so much. How long has it been?” she asked taking her hand. Kaida thought for a minute.

“Sixty Seven years since I left home, mother.” she said grasping her hand tighter. They chatted quietly for a while, catching up and making up for lost time.

“Naneth?” Asked Kaida after a while. She enjoyed being able to call her Naneth-the Elvish word for mother.

“Yes,little dragon?” She answered.

“Mother, what has happened since I’ve been gone? Father and uncle were arguing earlier, and I heard that the Murdock family has fled from the city? Just what is going on?” As she spoke her mother’s eyes grew wide.

“Kaida, these are grave times for The Realm. Your uncle suspects that one of The Council members has been corrupted.” Here she paused and studied her daughters face, as if searching for something. She opened her mouth to speak when, all of a sudden, the door was flung open and two of the palace guards rushed out onto the balcony. The carried between them a small, blue, man-like creature, who was struggling against his tightly held wrists.

“Lady Idris! This…thing..was caught trying to sneak into your daughters chambers.” Said one of the guards.

“ No! I know your daughter. We’ve met before.” The little blue skinned creature turned to Kaida, a sheepish grin breaking out across his face.

“No, we haven’t, wait a minute, you were there- at the village weren’t you?” asked Kaida , incredulously. The little man nodded enthusiastically.

“But we met before, perhaps you will remember me by a different name.” he said, stepping away from the guards, who had released him. Soon his features began to change and his skin changed from blue to a golden tan color. He grew taller and much more muscular. His eyes, remained the same, a perfect shade of chocolate brown.

“Brett Mulligan?” Kaida stood up, her eyes wide. The shapeshifter gave a very sheepish grin.

“Yes, I’m sorry for all this mess, but I’ve come from very far away, to ask for your help,” Brett explained, “my real name is Mutatio, and I am a shapeshifter. I come from the land of Ibis Liven, the people of my village chose me to make the journey to plead for your help. However, I was turned away the first time. I heard that you had left for the Humans world, so I followed you and created Brett to try and get close to you.” The words tumbled out in a rush, as if afraid he would be stopped before he could finish. He looked up, his eyes searching for something. Kaida stepped forward and took his hand.

“Why must I be the one to help you?” she asked. She led him over to one of the chairs and sat down, while her mother dismissed the guards.

“There was a prophecy, ages old, passed down through the elders. For years now our people have been oppressed by Nerezza, her dark shadow has been cast over the land for centuries. The prophecy states that, “Only fire can douse the flames of evil.” It took the elders a while but they have determined that the prophecy is referring to you, my lady.” At this, Mutatio bowed his head and spoke no more. Kaida looked to her mother, who smiled and nodded her head. However, she was still unsure, turning back to the Shapeshifter she said:

“I realized the urgency of you request, however I will need to think it over, please send me a letter with further details and you shall have my answer by sundown on the night of the Moonlight Gala, in three days time.” With that she stood, shook hands with Mutatio, and kissed her mother on the cheek.

“Goodnight mother, Mutatio.” She said, before disappearing into the shadowy hallway. She made her way quietly back to her chambers, and as soon as the door had closed behind her she sunk to the ground.

She remembered that night, when she had turned him away. That was about a week before she left The Realm. The creature had been shown into the castle, soaking wet and bloody, obviously exhausted and underfed. And she, that monster she used to be, had turned him away without so much as a glance.

She couldn’t believe how cruel she had been. Now, Kaida was grateful for the harsh city of New York, and the humans who had helped her realized the ugliness in her heart.

Finally, she rose and sank into the soft bed. Soon, she had allowed herself to be enveloped by the comforting arms of sleep.

The next morning invited bursts of golden sun into her room, peeking in through the wispy chiffon drapes, and bathing the room in light. Very slowly Kaida was drawn from her slumber, parting with sleep reluctantly.

Sitting up, she pushed the heavy covers from her body and got up, she ambled over to the large windows and pulled back the gauzy curtain. Now that she could see the room in better light, she recognized her old room, with the squeaky writing table, and delicate vanity.

She crossed over to her wardrobe and opened it, revealing the beautiful gowns inside. She carefully selected a watery blue colored dress, the most conservative one. She had grown used to sweats and t shirts in the human world, and long dresses with plunging necklines now intimidated her.

She emerged from her room feeling refreshed, although the sticky summer heat seemed to penetrate every corner of the palace. As she made her way down the hallway towards the central staircase, she heard a commotion behind her. She turned and saw her little sister, Zola, racing down the hall to greet her. She was dressed in a pale pink dress and her golden curls bounced as she ran, waving her fat little arms

“Seler! Your  back!” she cried flinging her arms about Kaida’s legs. Kaida smiled and stooped down to return the hug. She twisted a finger in the golden curls and stood up.

“Zola! My how big you’ve gotten! How are you? Have you been practicing your magic?” Kaida took her sister’s hand and continued on her way to breakfast. The little elven child chattered on as they descended down the stair case, and all the way to the dining hall.

As they reached the door, Kaida swept her up in her arms and pushed open the door. The chatter that had drifted through the wooden door, stopped, and the room fell silent as all those seated at the table gawked at the returning princess. It had been many years since she had left The Realm, and only her family had seen her in that time, so her transformation was quite a shock.

No longer was she a cruel, debutante, who cared for nothing but money and boys and power. Instead, she was a strong, independent, kind hearted elf who now stood before the court, her gaze sweeping over old friends and new faces.

Her eyes flickered to her family who sat clustered at one end of the table. Soon every eye was on her, Kaida had grown and matured since she left, and her beauty cast a spell over all in attendance. Her mother was exotic, yes, but Kaida was breathtaking.  Zola ran over to take her seat next to their mother, and her sister, Darya, rose to greet her. Her sister shared the same gray eyes as Kaida, however, where in Kaida’s eyes there was a warmth, a sparkle, Darya’s contained a coldness.

“It is wonderful to see you, Sereth.” the eldest daughter embraced her sibling.  She finally stepped back, corralling her wild hair behind her ears, where it feel in dark curling tresses. The girl really had missed her sister, though too many problem existed between them to ever be close.

“And you Darya, it is nice being back home, I hope we will get to catch up soon.” Kaida replied as she took her seat next to her father, a stout, blonde haired man, with laughing gray eyes and a merry disposition. At the head of the table sat her uncle , King Ambrose. His wife, a pretty, yet spirited, young thing, sat to his right. The whole room ate in cautious silence, eyeing the newly returned princess. Soon Kaida could stand the thick air no longer and begged her fathers dismissal.

“Father, Please let me find Anil!” she pleaded. Her father sighed, but quickly caved, with the condition that she be back for lunch and then promised to spend the rest of the day with him. Kaida readily agreed, quickly rising from the table. She breezily swept from the room, leaving many of the new male servants, staring longingly at the beauty departing the room.

Kaida drifted through the castle, half-heartedly looking for her brother, before she slipped back into her room. She changed into a pair of faded jean shorts and an old My Chemical Romance t-shirt, before heading outside, knowing all along, that this was the place she would find her brother.

It felt good to be breathing in sweet fresh air, and drinking in sunlight, not the smoggy pollution of the city. She piled her pale hair on top of her head and said a well memorized spell to hold it in place. Her feet were bare and the grass tickled the pads of her feet.  She found one of the old hidden paths that wound throughout the huge castle gardens. She had been wandering for a few minutes, when she heard a rucuss arise up from the direction of the stable.

In a panic she raced to see what was going on. As she neared she saw a beautiful chestnut mare rearing up, while many of the stable hands made a futile attempt to calm the horse.

“Look out! Mind your head!” Kaida searched for the owner to the voice. She smiled when her eyes lit upon him, a tall elven boy around her age, with damp blonde hair clinging to his forehead. She recognized him immediately as one of her childhood friends. Amante, he had grown into a ruggedly handsome elf, one that made Kaida feel funny from the top of her head , to the very bottom of her soul. All of a sudden, a raven mop bobbed above the crowd.

“Who let that Griffin out! That bloody bird is  my sister’s and I’ll be damned by Corellon if you loose it, for she would send forth hell itself if anything happened to the beast.”  The drawling voice of her brother Anil rang above the commotion.

“Oh no I would not! Anil Goker Malandra! You know I wouldn’t send hell for revenge, just Great Aunt Constance!” She said throwing up her hands in mock contempt. The she made her way through the crowd of stable boys, and kitchen maids, gathered there.

“Anil, you absolute devil! Oh, well I’ve missed you too much to be angry.” She said laughing, as she gave him a hug. Her brother was a tall, lean elf. He was the kind of elf all the boys hoped to grow up to look like, in fact, their whole family was admired for it’s beauty. However, along with good looks Anil possessed a good heart, impulsive and mischievous, but still a good heart.

“Come, walk with me!” He offered her his hand and pulled her to one of the dirt paths. Her brother was older that her by about fifty years, giving him the appearance of a twenty year old human.

“We’ve missed you little dragon.” he said, a twig cracking under his feet.

“I’ve missed everyone too, but you know what I was like, I needed a change. Besides I’ve come out much wiser, but now I’m home, and I promised Cleo I would only be here for a week, but then Mutatio want’s me to free his people and father and uncle were arguing and-”

“Woah, woah, slow down! Mutatio? Father? what are you talking about?” Her brother interrupted, a lost look on his face. Kaida quickly relayed the events of the previous night to her brother, who frowned when she was finished.

“Kaida, strange things have been happening since you left, I think uncle worries that The Realm, is no longer safe.” His green eyes, were murky with caution, and remained carefully guarded.

“As for this Mutatio fellow, until we know what exactly you need to do, you should not let it bother you too much.” And so, they continued their walk, volleying back and forth the banter they used to share long ago. Soon they were forced to return to the dining hall for lunch, by both the rumbling of their stomachs and the chiming of the bells.

Before long, they were digging into the bed of greens laid before them, along with nuts, berries, and a small portion of fish. Many of the court had forgotten her arrival and were talking and chatting like this morning. Soon luncheon was over and servants were pouring in to take the dishes away. Her father stood up and beckoned her to follow, and she did, hungry to find out more of what was said last night.


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