Coming back!

Alrighty then!
So this, unfortunately, is not ksaishivlrista, but rather is Madi (you may know me from The Rose Legacy if you’ve read it). Nevertheless, obviously we’re friends or else I wouldn’t be here posting on her website.

Onto the point of this message! So ksa hasn’t been able to write for the past… ever, which is pretty obvious, but since I believe this story is awesome and I don’t want her to give up (again >.<), I’m going to keep up this website for the time being until she comes back.

On an even better note, come summer break, she’s planning on starting again, or so she told me! Whooo!! -dances-
But yes, once summer break rolls around in May, she’s going to be starting up again. Why? Because I’m going to force her to. Friendship power!!

I do hope you come back and visit us in summer break! We love you! 


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